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Everything you need to know about Shahak before you start volunteering

Meet the Shahak team

צוות שח"ק

Do you have questions about what to do now? What is a placement form? How many hours do you have left to perform? How can you complete hours quickly? We have all the answers! Each district has an HR coordinator who will know how to answer questions, direct and help you find the most accurate volunteering for you.

How do you fit into a volunteering framework?

איך משתבצים
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Important Information

At the same time as registering for the SHC activity, you must submit an application for renewing a scholarship as a continuing student on the website of the Administration for Immigrant Students! 

It can be done Here

Volunteer wholeheartedly and excel at it

מצטייני שח"ק

Each year, 50 outstanding people are selected whose activities were worthy of special appreciation and commendation, for high motivation, dedication and professionalism in the performance of their duties. The outstanding ones receive special recognition as part of the "Shachak Honorable Mention Ceremony", where they receive festive gratitude and a monetary merit scholarship of2,500 NIS Named after the late Hanoch Tzmir, former Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.

Outstanding S.H.A.C

הקרן לרווחת נפגעי השואה
Beer Sheva Final
עתיד פלוס
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Let's get to know the outstanding players from recent years

שאלות ותשובות

Do you have any questions?
We have compiled answers to common questions for you

  • How will I know how many hours I have to complete?
    The quota of volunteering hours in the SHC depends on the amount of tuition that the student is entitled to receive from the administration for immigrant students. In general, the amount of hours is between 120-200 hours. For example, a student studying a 3-year bachelor's degree course and entitled to 300% tuition, will do 120 hours Sh.K. A student in a 4-year bachelor's degree course and entitled to 400% tuition, is required to complete 200 hours. Each student must receive confirmation of the scope of hours of study from the study center in the district.
  • Does registering for a school guarantee that I will be able to receive my full tuition fee?"
    No. Registration alone does not guarantee receipt of tuition assistance. The receipt of the aid is conditional on submitting an application each academic year for an aid scholarship and at the same time complying with the completion of all the hours of study that the student is required to do and at the required time. Click here to submit the application
  • Can I choose to do my volunteering in a framework that does not appear on the Shahak portal?"
    No. Volunteering in the National Youth League can be done only in frameworks recognized by the administration for immigrant students. About 50 organizations and volunteer frameworks are selected each year. You can only choose from this list.
  • I have been referred to the schak frame I chose, is it possible to change the frame?"
    Of course it is. If things don't work out after the introductory meeting, you can email your IAS coordinator and ask for a referral for the additional frameworks you listed on the rating form.
  • I am interested in continuing to volunteer in the framework in which I volunteered the previous year, do I have to check in again?"
    Yes. Each year you must re-introduce (send a signed introductory form to the Chacha coordinator) even if you chose to continue in the same framework in which you volunteered last year and renew the application for a tuition scholarship.
  • Who is entitled to an exemption or concessions in the SHC?"
    In general - any student who has not yet used aid in the amount of over 250% of the degree he is studying is not obligated to play. Exemption from NEC is also given in the following cases: Students in the 13th/14th track and engineers (including an integrated engineer) are exempt from performing a schak in the year 2015 14 Students in the administration's academic admissions programs for immigrant students are exempt from performing the SAC in the year 2015. Pregnant women are exempt from performing an ICD - subject to presentation of a reference from a medical authority Parents of children (including adoption and foster care) are exempted from performing a social security check, subject to presentation of the T.Z. appendix or a reference from the Ministry of Welfare A student with an "active reservist" certificate is entitled to a reduction in the obligation to work as a student and to perform only 80 hours, in the year in which he is obligated for 120 hours. This, subject to presentation of an active reservist card, or approval from the ACA. If the student is committed to 40 or 80 hours depending on the course of study, he will not be entitled to relief. A student who declares that he has performed reserve days (with a reference) during a year in which he is obligated to perform a military service, will be entitled to a relief of 5 hours per week for each reserve week (even if he received relief from an active reserve duty). In special cases on medical or social grounds, it is possible to receive relief or an exemption from performing a special education subject to the recommendation of the administrative attorney for immigrant students and the approval of the director of the district unit. Students who are exempted from the obligation of social security will be entitled to receive the full scope of aid according to the course of study. If you have finished your studies or are on a break from your studies, this must be updated in a return email in order not to affect your eligibility for tuition assistance.
  • I am a 3-year bachelor's degree student, first year I studied with the funding of the Periphery Law, second and third years I am supposed to receive funding from the administration for immigrant students. Do I have to pay tax?"
    You are supposed to receive up to 200% of tuition from the Administration for Immigrant Students, and therefore you are exempt from tax. If you wish to request additional tuition to continue your studies, you will have to make a tax according to the total amount of aid you will receive from the Administration for Immigrant Students. The answer is worded in the masculine language but addresses both genders
  • I receive a scholarship from Impact/Achievement for volunteering. Am I exempt from NCA?"
    If the framework in which you are volunteering appears on the SHAK portal and is recognized by the administration for immigrant students as a SHAK framework, it will be possible to introduce you to the volunteering hours you perform for the SHAK, subject to approval at the beginning of the year. . If the framework is not recognized by the administration for immigrant students, it will not be possible to recognize the volunteering hours.
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